Day 40

Tuesdays always seem fun. Tanisha and I prepped in the morning for ideas to do with the kids for Ebonwood. We did find out that we weren’t going to take the youngest group because they weren’t finished with a project they were already working on the previous day. We still had back up plans for all the age groups, and brought our supplies. We talked about MyPlate and incorporated 5-2-1-0 into it. The 8-11 year olds did an activity in stating their favorite food. I found a fill-in-the-blank worksheet from MyPlate they could fill out. They did need assistance with it, so Tanisha and I, along with the other volunteers and counselors, helped them fill in the terms they were not familiar with. Some were not aware of the food groups, so we discussed the five different food groups associated with what they wrote. We did differentiate that pizza could be in several of the food groups as well. The 12-15 year olds had a different lesson with us. We decided to bring in supplies to make a mango smoothie. Of course, Corey called the director of Ebonwood, Leroy, to assure that no one had any food allergies prior to us being there. As Tanisha prepped the ingredients for the blender, I went over the different vitamins and minerals of each ingredient. We used pre-cut mangoes in a bag, bananas, unsweetened coconut milk, and honey. I engaged with the teenagers in asking them what they thought each ingredient they would benefit from when they ate it. Before we left, we gave Leroy 5-2-1-0 bookmarks to give to everyone. I started working on the CDC Clear Communication Index when I got back.

Total Daily Hours Earned: 8.50
Total Internship Hours Acquired: 218.89

Day 39

The first thing I did when I came in this morning was double-check all the handouts to make sure I had everything for AHEPA. We decided to hand out a UV Index for today within the AHEPA’s zip code. We also decided to have other hand outs, such as choosing the right type of sun screen/ sun block, the differences between them, and the cancer prevention brochure from the health department that states when they should get checked for skin cancer. Tanisha put the packets together because we agreed that it would be less disruptive to pass out the hand outs during the presentation. Sun screen and mosquito repellent samples were also on the list. When we got there, Tanisha had the packets ready to go. There were actually more people there than the health literacy presentation. I felt like during the presentation one of my initial faults was explaining the packet in such a way that the AHEPA residents thought that they were going to follow along and they had a copy of the presentation in the packet. I only had flash cards with me this time. There were a few questions that I honestly didn’t know how to answer, but assured that I would follow-up with the person that we keep in touch with. Corey stated the flow went well, as I paused frequently in between topics to ask the audience questions. I did have a different preference in presenting as I felt like I was more engaging with the audience. I asked personal questions like, “Has anyone here ever experience any type of heat stress? What happened and what did you do? How often do you get checked for skin cancer?” I was able to use their responses as a guide to elaborate more on the presentation that way. They loved the presentation and stated they learned a few new things. Their favorite time was when we handed out samples of sun screen and mosquito repellent. We had a CHEN meeting about the upcoming events, such as Pensacola Beach and Perdido Key Visitors Centers to promote sun and skin protection, as well as hydration with water. It will be on Mondays and Fridays. Corey also assigned me the CDC Clear Communication Index after the meeting. Tanisha and I talked about the Ebonwood meeting because it was agreed that only the interns would be going. Instead of simultaneously though, the classes we would go to would be one by one, as we would be giving the lessons.

Total Daily Hours Earned: 8.67
Total Internship Hours Acquired: 210.39

Day 38

I devoted most of today strictly to the AHEPA Summer Safety presentation. I was able to get the specified topics for heat stress, recreational water illness, Zika, and Food Safety. I was able to also come up with a six question pretest and post test for the target audience to fill out. I also decided to talk to the new intern, Tanisha, about the content of what we are presenting. We decided to divide up the presentation, however, I would still cover most topics. I had a challenging time in trying to simplify the presentation in a sense that the audience will be interested in it. There were many facts I came across that surprised me and figured to use. I also decided to utilize the UV Index search on EPA’s website. That way, if the elderly wants to work out or exercise in the heat or go to the beach, they would know how to dress properly.

Total Daily Hours Earned: 5.58
Total Internship Hours Acquired: 201.72

Day 37

Today was the second week we assisted with Ebonwood. I decided to take on the youngest group. They were between five and seven years old. I went with Skye and we introduced ourselves as we went over 5-2-1-0. We decided to focus on the ‘2’ of the 5-2-1-0 program. We played charades and concluded with those were activities they are able to do to reduce screen time hours. I also worked on the AHEPA presentation. Having to do a lot of research within a short amount of time always makes me nervous. Initially, making a formatted bullet list assisted in trying to get my point across. The main points that Corey and I discussed for Summer Safety were Drowning Prevention, Heat Stress, Sun and Skin Protection, Skin Cancer and Melanoma, Food Safety, Recreational Water Illness, and Mosquito Prevention. I decided that for some of the content, a brochure from the health department would be applicable. The Drain & Cover one seemed to fit, so that we would just be going over DEET and when to wear mosquito repellent and draining outside excess water. Printing handouts last time we did a presentation for health literacy was very helpful. Corey allowed me to take over the entire presentation, but I also allowed everyone in CHEN’s opinions to assure I am giving the right information and that it makes sense to the audience. I double checked the content to make sure if there were any hand outs, that they were in simple terms that the elderly women would be able to use. After making the outline and deciding on some of the handouts, I decided to focus primarily researching on heat stress, sun and skin protection, melanoma, and mosquito prevention. Even though I know we won’t use the powerpoint in presenting the information, I know it will be useful.

Total Daily Hours Earned: 5.58
Total Internship Hours Acquired: 196.14

Day 36

I was a little nervous today because I knew I had the Ebonwood Outreach in the afternoon. I worked on making an outline for what I had so far for the powerpoint for AHEPA’s Summer Safety presentation. I had much more research than I thought. I figured thirty slides was too much information to present, even though I already planned the pre-test and post test questions. I also was thinking of doing maybe a summarized format of what we are going to discuss for summer safety, instead of the audience using multiple brochures for information. It is still a work in progress, but I am glad there are many ideas involved into it.

The outreach for Ebonwood was prepped by having ‘mystery boxes’ of a fruit or vegetable. Stephanie and I chose the age group 8-11 years old. The plan was to have the kids of the chosen age group to put their hand in the box and feel the fruit or vegetable, guess what it is and speak with the members of their team to guess which one it is. Stephanie and I had pencils and the matching fruit and vegetable. On the other sheet of worksheet, there were specific groups of fruits or vegetables that the children had to write down. Categories such as fruits that you can make into a pie, crunchy vegetables,  and red fruits or vegetables really made the children think. We decided that after the five teams were to finish, whichever team had the most correct would shoot a basketball in the hoop we brought. It was very engaging and fun, and I enjoyed it a lot. I hope the nervousness dies down the more I attend these outreaches. It is planned for 30 minutes, but we actually stayed for 45 minutes. It doesn’t seem like much to get the messages of 5-2-1-0 across, even though the children know it already.

Total Daily Hours Earned: 4.30
Total Internship Hours Acquired: 190.56

Day 35

I decided to take a break on the toolkit and worked on the presentation for AHEPA for summer safety. I used the old powerpoint I had originally for a target audience for children that I never was able to present. As I was breaking the information down from sources like the CDC, NIH, FDOH, and cancer websites, I realized that I had to much information that I needed to break it down eventually. I focused on drowning prevention, and by the time the day was over with, I managed to get more information for slides regarding skin cancer and when to get tested that anything else. I decided to plan to make a pre and post test because I will be touching on topics about Zika, heat stress, and proper clothing, shade, and frequency of applying sunscreen to prevent sun burns. There was much information I learned as well, while researching. I was thinking of playing a bingo-like game or a question game that pertains to summer safety, such as UV index in the area they live in and what it means. The one challenge I managed to learn today was inputting research data that I wasn’t able to copy and paste, into a bar graph on the slides.

Total Daily Hours Earned: 5.58
Total Internship Hours Acquired: 186.26

Day 34

Tanisha and I felt like we took a ‘field trip’ this morning. We went to the Visit Pensacola centers on Pensacola Beach and Perdido Key to hand the employers there informational brochures about Summer Safety. We also handed out a few promotional items, such as sunglasses, an inflatable beach ball, and sample sunscreen. With Don’t Fry Day coming up, we decided to promote it as well. We asked if it was possible during the summer to come to their centers to promote the health department’s services, as well as CHEN’s. They agreed to keep in touch and said it was great to have us. It was about a three hour trip from the health department to Perdido Key, and Pensacola Beach and back. Corey and I touched based on my action plan when I got back. We discussed that AHEPA was welcoming us back and this time we were going to do a presentation on summer safety. We agreed that drowning prevention, heat stress, mosquito prevention, and skin cancer were topics we were going to discuss to be summer safe. I started on researching and making a ‘skeleton’ for the topics we would address to them.

Total Daily Hours Earned: 6.50
Total Internship Hours Acquired: 180.28

Day 33

Right when I got to the office this morning, Corey approached me and the new intern, Tanisha, to ask if we’d like to join her in the InterAgency Council Meeting. We both agreed. It felt like more of a networking opportunity within the community. It was great. I wasn’t aware that there were these organizations trying to help others in allowing the public to know about their services. We decided to hand out our 2016 Organizational Profile booklet, and a brochure about our services at the Florida Department of Health. Other businesses and organizations there were also Covenant Care for Alzheimer’s Care, Guardian ad Litem (GAL) Progran, Epilepsy Foundation, The Family Center, Molino Health Care Pensacola State College for GED and ESOL, United Health Way, and Homeless Vets. The guest speakers were with The National Youth Advocate Program to speak about their local organization and what they do. They are both within the social work field, and one was a therapist who work at a crisis level for children that need foster homes from young age to up to an adult age. Trying to spread messages of the reality and complications that children face in the adoption and fostering process. It was great to see that the communities got together to talk about their need to let citizens within the Emerald Coast know about services provided that many may not know about. This meeting was the highlight of my day.

Total Daily Hours Earned: 5
Total Internship Hours Acquired: 173.78

Day 32

The toolkit, I feel, like is almost finished. I focused more this time on separating what the teachers could say, like vocabulary words pertaining to Germs and Summer Safety to all grade levels, K-5. Kindergarten through Second Grades, I focused on fun facts, and Third through Fifth Grades, facts versus myths. Researching more substitutes for parent handouts, templates for tracking physical activities, and meals was also what I decided to do differently.  Gathering information for every grade level to incorporate into 5210, honestly, seems repetitive and almost starting to look the same. Sometimes it is overwhelming with as much information that the elementary school children are learning that I have been trying to make it as relevant as possible to 5210 in the community.

Total Daily Hours Earned: 4.83
Total Internship Hours Acquired:  168.78

Day 31

Today, I had to reformat a few things for the toolkit. I decided to rename Sun Safety for May as Summer Safety instead. The key points for each week would be as follows instead:
Week 1:  Sun Protection (What is the Sun; UV Protection, Energy; Sunscreen for Skin and Eyes)
Week 2:Drowning Prevention
Week 3: Heat Stress
Week 4: Mosquito Prevention

I updated my resume and brainstormed more specified goals to achieve by the end of this semester. During the CHEN meeting, I was assigned the plan a health promotion event at the Health Department during immunization and school physical rush week. The ideas I had were to promote healthy eating/snacking, and maybe hand out informational services that the health department offers that parents and kids don’t completely know about yet. Promoting summer safety and cancer prevention at evidence-based locations including parks, beaches, and pools is what I also need to work on for a possible presentation to show CHEN my presentation skills.

Total Daily Hours Earned: 4
Total Internship Hours Acquired: 163.95