Day 2: A Snippet of Reality

20170111_112931I came in this morning, knowing I had a big project waiting for me. However, before my assigned big project, I spoke with my supervisor to review the Sun Safety Agenda with her to prep for her conference call. To my surprise and benefit, I was a part of this vital conference call. I was humbled to have given the opportunity to at least introduce myself to almost a dozen health educators and professionals. The Sun Safety Agenda introduced how to get messages to communities in several counties about simple things everyone should be doing when in the sun. Things like remembering to wear sun screen, seeking shade, and wearing protective clothing are topics that are within the message of skin cancer prevention. Having a group of health professionals collaborate on ideas as to how to approach this specific program/campaign had interesting insights. Their insights focused on their county as well as surrounding counties to collaborate on the possible routes we could go about encouraging and practicing safe sun habits and activities. Corey conducted a small poll of five questions pertaining to Sun Safety, which was modernly convenient. As an observer and student intern, I believe it was one of the highlights of communicating what needed to be addressed as far as concerns. What I thought was vital about the entire conference call (even though I did not provide any verbal feedback) were things like Corey stating, “Hello, I see that we have another person who joined the call. Can you introduce yourself and tell us which county you’re from?” It made me feel like that acknowledgement of knowing someone is there and not ignoring them is important. It made me think about building relationships with other health professionals, social networking, and more importantly, gaining recognition, respect, and trust from them. I am looking forward to the next meeting next month.

I started on the 5-2-1-0 Toolkit in addition to the Summer Safety and Germs components within it. It is more extensive than I expected and hoped it would be. Focusing on elementary school children from kindergarten to fifth grade is honestly challenging because I have been accustomed to target audiences consisted of adult college students. It is one situation to pretend that the adult college students are a different target audience, and a separate situation when my target audience are actual students who are ages four to eleven. Thinking about student challenges has actually been my challenge in brainstorming ideas to approach all four aspects of 5-2-1-0 and incorporating the Summer Safety program. I hope my brainstorming ideas will lead to an inevitable smooth transition.

Total Daily Hours Earned: 7
Total Acquired Internship Hours: 14


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