Day 3: Action Plan

An action plan for the 5-2-1-0 program was administered today.  I already had ‘the skeleton’ of the outline typed and finished my ideas about Kindergarten section of the toolkit. I understand why it’s challenging to go through the school board about plans like this. A main challenge I faced was coming up with ideas for lesson plans for each grade level, in addition to making sure I use correct,  appropriate target audience terms. For example, the increasing physical activity section for fifth graders: Is it appropriate to use and introduce the term ‘cardiovascular health?’ I wouldn’t know yet because I am not familiar with the teachers’ lesson plans. I understand that we wouldn’t have any type of access to that,  but I think it’s a bit more challenging when we don’t have a guide to abide by. I believe there are pros to that, however. Making it original and unique is what will be easier once this gets approved for us to use in classroom settings.  I hope to reach my personal deadline for this outline by next week and start on the teacher guide.

Total Daily Hours Earned: 7.5
Total Internship Hours Acquired: 21.5


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