Day 7

Good news. I was able to accomplish my second rough draft of the 5-2-1-0 program. Kindergarten through Fifth Grades are about complete with the 5-2-1-0 focus, along with Germs, and Sun Safety. Each week is categorized to fit MyPlate and most months have a national theme tied into it that is nutrition based or something to do with health. I would have to reword the student challenges, research more fun facts, and touch it up before I start on the dialogue or script for the teachers to use. Things are starting to make sense in terms of putting what I’ve learned into an existing program and eventually presenting it. There are several upcoming events I’d like to participate in and hope to see how that also ties in together. I believe in April CHEN will be having a one day, two location event that promotes 5-2-1-0. It would be interesting to see how communities come in and we promote our program and the components within it. If I am not mistaken, I read that last year there were 700+ participants that included parents and children at the event. I am looking forward to hearing feedback on Monday.

Total Daily Hours Earned: 5.75
Total Acquired Internship Hours: 44.25


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