Day 9

I was enthusiastic about catching up with Corey to see her input about the second draft. One thing we talked about was making sure I tie everything together to make it connect with 5-2-1-0, Germs, and Summer Safety. She initially wanted me to look over each week’s objectives to make sure the sentence structure agrees with the monthly themes, along with the student challenges. An example that she used was, “Student Challenge: Decrease screen time to at least thirty minutes or more and play outside to connect with family and the outside world, instead of the television screen.” I decided that it was easier for me to connect all four weeks worth of student challenges to form an objective for each month. It helped make the flow of the toolkit easier. Kindergarten through second grades are finished with the monthly objectives so far. Sometimes I forget that this toolkit will be utilized online, so I still need to figure out how to fix the table of contents into hyperlink format.
Total Daily Hours Earned: 6
Total Acquired Internship Hours: 54


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