Day 11

I am almost finished with the second rough draft for the 5-2-1-0 program. Mid-way into third grade with the monthly objectives is where I am. I was also assigned a presentation for Summer Safety, which covers drowning prevention,  heat stress,  and sun and skin protection.  Corey was excited to tell me that when she assigned it to me because the year before, two of the CHEN staff presented the same topic to two elementary schools and they are welcoming us back.  It isn’t until April,  but that will give us more feedback in how to present it and which topics to cover. I decided to use the one for Summer Safety presentation for adults as a guide. However,  I would like to cover a few more things,  such as rules to follow to prevent drowning for themselves, instead of just giving statistics to the students.

We also had a meeting today. We talked more about Kara’s concern with her planning with her clients about nutrition and assisting in how to go about guides/handouts for parents to help in gaining weight for their children. She decided Reach Your Healthiest Weight was going to be her title. I think it is a great idea. Everything else touched on future use of Facebook posts about healthier eating and future events. One of them is Ciclovia and I am excited about it. We just touched base on when it will be and who is assigned to do what. More details should surface soon. I am looking forward to taking a break with the rough draft and focusing on the PowerPoint for Summer Safety.

Total Daily Hours Earned: 6
Total Acquired Internship Hours: 64.30


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