Day 12

Good news!  I completed the second draft of the 5-2-1-0 program.  I still need to go back to review everything, of course.  Make sure that everything aligns with each grade level and assure the constant flow to connect weekly challenges to the program. Checking my grammar would be the next thing on the agenda. I am still figuring out what to put into the Summer Safety PowerPoint for the children. I don’t want to go too into depth or else I might lose their attention.  We decided to make sure we do activities within the presentation as well. Corey stated that even though the PowerPoint is just used as a guide for us, it might be printed and presented for the kids to take home to the parents.  I was not aware that the health department had strict rules about which templates to present because of our branding. Either way, I am still having fun putting it together.

I assisted Stephanie in cutting the Ciclovia flyers to pass out to Pensacon. I didn’t even think to incorporate marketing to a different major, public event. She was nice enough to hand like an 8 x 11 to me. Ciclovia is going to be bigger than I thought.  I did read on the flyer that it is a world-wide event,  and Pensacola is one of the cities participating in it. I have heard some of our sponsors and things that we will be having. I believe it is a great way to reach out to the communities to learn about safety and of course,  5-2-1-0. I understand why Dr. Lanza promotes us attending the event. I hope that with it being on a Saturday that my job will allow me to have time off to attend.

Total Daily Hours Earned: 5
Total Internship Hours Acquired: 69.30



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