Day 14: PSC Health Fair

I experience my first outreach/ health fair today.  It was located at Pensacola State College at the main campus. It was different because it was a health fair for employees. Other sponsors that were there included people representing hospitals,  health insurance companies, dental hygiene students, sports medicine offices, and even holistic healers and trauma abuse representatives. When I originally got there, I had two big boxes of salad shakers. Stephanie was still setting up and had our table almost set up. We were surprised that we needed to get more things for our table because it didn’t dawn on us that we’d probably need 5-2-1-0 bags to put their stuff in. Our message that day was to spread healthy eating reminders. We handed out 5-2-1-0 bags,  along with portion control plates, 5 pens to remind them to eat 5 fruits & vegetables or more a day, salad shakers,  Ciclovia flyers, and pamphlets about healthy eating tips when going out to eat,  along with a survey for prediabetics and information about signing up for the health department’s free prediabetes prevention program.We explained the portion control plates in relation to MyPlate guidelines. We also stated that the salad shakers could even be a good snack holder for fruit and yogurt,  or veggie sticks and dip. I was glad a lot of people had questions about what we offered and we were able to guide them in the right direction. It was a great health fair and I’m glad to have been given the opportunity to mingle with the community. 

Total Daily Hours Earned: 6 hours

Total Internship Hours Acquired: 78.30


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