Day 15

Today was such a busy day in the office.  I spoke with Corey about upcoming events,  such as upcoming outreaches,  Ciclovia,  and even March of Dimes and Earth Day for next month. I continued to work on the NWFCCC’s resources for their website that is in progress of updating. I didn’t realize Northwest Florida has twelve counties. Leon County was the one with most resources I updated in the word document. It was definitely a productive day to get that finished in a six hour period. We had a CHEN meeting today about upcoming outreaches and events and how to prepare for thr big Ciclovia event. Stephanie says there an expected 10,000 people attending. I’m a little anxious thinking about it. Corey also spoke to me about goals I’d also like to achieve before thr end of this semester and I feel like I’d have so many to choose from but narrowing it down to or three would suffice. I am looking forward to Thursday.

Total Daily Hours Earned: 6

Total Internship Hours Acquired: 84.30


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