Day 19: Ciclovia Pensacola

I started the morning off meeting at the health department with Jeanne, Kara, and Skye. We loaded the truck with the equipment to take to our location on Main and Palafox Streets. After that, Jeanne and I drove to The Fresh Market to pick up donations for bananas, fresh spinach, and unsweetened almond milk for the blender bike smoothies. We got there at our location about 7:30 am. Although, I was worried a little, as the streets were to close at 7:00 am for the event. We were still able to unload where we needed to and park nearby. I assisted with handing out samples of the Tropic Twister smoothie, fruit-shaped grocery bags, and frisbees. Everyone loved the blender bikes, as WEAR Channel 3 and the DJ promoted them. The ‘Pensacola Open Streets’ were so busy that the time flew by quickly. By the time the event ended, I almost was not aware. We were able to pack everything up and came to a wonderful conclusion that it was a great success, as we hoped for.

Total Daily Hours Earned: 9
Total Internship Hours Acquired: 107


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