Day 26

I did things a bit differently today. As I did more research about health literacy in adults, I watched some YouTube videos in reference to the research I did the last week. Going through my notes from last week made it much easier to look up health literacy videos. I found two I believe that were very informative. One is a video from Gateway Health Plan. The following questions were asked among the elderly in the streets and public settings:
1. What is health literacy?
2. Do you always understand what you doctor tells you?
3. What would you do if you do not understand what your doctor tells you?
4. Do you always do what your doctor tells you?
5. Do you prepare questions before seeing your doctor?

These questions, in my opinion, best fit our topic that Corey and I could ask as a somewhat verbal pretest. The second video I stumbled upon in my search was one from TEDxTalks by Lisa Fitzpatrick called, ” Are you confused about health information?”

I started a Word document that would assist in retaining information and key points in the Health Literacy brochure I started in Publisher. Research stated that if my target audience is the elderly, the information in text should be given at a 5th grade level and 14-16 point font in black print. I have been able to apply this to the brochure that is in progress of making.

Total Daily Hours Earned: 3.67
Total Internship Hours Acquired: 139.28



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