Day 27

Thursday was a quiet day in the office. It was actually just me and Stephanie. I reread my notes for the May 3rd presentation for Health Literacy in Older Adults/Elderly. I also edited the potential informational brochure that I would still need Corey to check out. I will state that since I am used to working with the elderly outside of my internship, which is at an optical store, I am used to giving them information on what to do for certain procedures. However, researching the facts and watching YouTube videos about what other’s opinions on health literacy as well as follow up questions does make me nervous. I tried to simplify the brochure as much as I could and tried to think of as many scenarios Corey and I could role play. I did end up taking a break towards the end of the day to work on the 5-2-1-0 toolkit. I hope Monday will be more efficient in getting an idea of how to present our topic to our audience.

Total Daily Hours Earned: 3.33
Total Internship Hours Acquired: 142.62


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