Day 31

Today, I had to reformat a few things for the toolkit. I decided to rename Sun Safety for May as Summer Safety instead. The key points for each week would be as follows instead:
Week 1:  Sun Protection (What is the Sun; UV Protection, Energy; Sunscreen for Skin and Eyes)
Week 2:Drowning Prevention
Week 3: Heat Stress
Week 4: Mosquito Prevention

I updated my resume and brainstormed more specified goals to achieve by the end of this semester. During the CHEN meeting, I was assigned the plan a health promotion event at the Health Department during immunization and school physical rush week. The ideas I had were to promote healthy eating/snacking, and maybe hand out informational services that the health department offers that parents and kids don’t completely know about yet. Promoting summer safety and cancer prevention at evidence-based locations including parks, beaches, and pools is what I also need to work on for a possible presentation to show CHEN my presentation skills.

Total Daily Hours Earned: 4
Total Internship Hours Acquired: 163.95


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