Day 33

Right when I got to the office this morning, Corey approached me and the new intern, Tanisha, to ask if we’d like to join her in the InterAgency Council Meeting. We both agreed. It felt like more of a networking opportunity within the community. It was great. I wasn’t aware that there were these organizations trying to help others in allowing the public to know about their services. We decided to hand out our 2016 Organizational Profile booklet, and a brochure about our services at the Florida Department of Health. Other businesses and organizations there were also Covenant Care for Alzheimer’s Care, Guardian ad Litem (GAL) Progran, Epilepsy Foundation, The Family Center, Molino Health Care Pensacola State College for GED and ESOL, United Health Way, and Homeless Vets. The guest speakers were with The National Youth Advocate Program to speak about their local organization and what they do. They are both within the social work field, and one was a therapist who work at a crisis level for children that need foster homes from young age to up to an adult age. Trying to spread messages of the reality and complications that children face in the adoption and fostering process. It was great to see that the communities got together to talk about their need to let citizens within the Emerald Coast know about services provided that many may not know about. This meeting was the highlight of my day.

Total Daily Hours Earned: 5
Total Internship Hours Acquired: 173.78


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