Day 38

I devoted most of today strictly to the AHEPA Summer Safety presentation. I was able to get the specified topics for heat stress, recreational water illness, Zika, and Food Safety. I was able to also come up with a six question pretest and post test for the target audience to fill out. I also decided to talk to the new intern, Tanisha, about the content of what we are presenting. We decided to divide up the presentation, however, I would still cover most topics. I had a challenging time in trying to simplify the presentation in a sense that the audience will be interested in it. There were many facts I came across that surprised me and figured to use. I also decided to utilize the UV Index search on EPA’s website. That way, if the elderly wants to work out or exercise in the heat or go to the beach, they would know how to dress properly.

Total Daily Hours Earned: 5.58
Total Internship Hours Acquired: 201.72


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