Day 40

Tuesdays always seem fun. Tanisha and I prepped in the morning for ideas to do with the kids for Ebonwood. We did find out that we weren’t going to take the youngest group because they weren’t finished with a project they were already working on the previous day. We still had back up plans for all the age groups, and brought our supplies. We talked about MyPlate and incorporated 5-2-1-0 into it. The 8-11 year olds did an activity in stating their favorite food. I found a fill-in-the-blank worksheet from MyPlate they could fill out. They did need assistance with it, so Tanisha and I, along with the other volunteers and counselors, helped them fill in the terms they were not familiar with. Some were not aware of the food groups, so we discussed the five different food groups associated with what they wrote. We did differentiate that pizza could be in several of the food groups as well. The 12-15 year olds had a different lesson with us. We decided to bring in supplies to make a mango smoothie. Of course, Corey called the director of Ebonwood, Leroy, to assure that no one had any food allergies prior to us being there. As Tanisha prepped the ingredients for the blender, I went over the different vitamins and minerals of each ingredient. We used pre-cut mangoes in a bag, bananas, unsweetened coconut milk, and honey. I engaged with the teenagers in asking them what they thought each ingredient they would benefit from when they ate it. Before we left, we gave Leroy 5-2-1-0 bookmarks to give to everyone. I started working on the CDC Clear Communication Index when I got back.

Total Daily Hours Earned: 8.50
Total Internship Hours Acquired: 218.89


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