Day 43

I spoke to Tanisha about how she wanted to approach today’s outreach for Ebonwood. She decided she would take on the health educator role, so I decided to pick the roles for nutritionist and dietitian. It seemed a bit challenging because I wish we had our dietitian there to further explain. But we were able to manage and get the children engaged in thinking about future careers and what we, as health educators, do. We asked opinionated questions, like what they thought each role did, salaries, and what types of places they thought they worked in and how they help individuals as well as communities. I feel like even though they’re eight to ten years old, that I need work on my public speaking skills. It seems more challenging to get them interested in the topics we were discussing. When I came back to CHEN, I worked on DPP’s Recipe of the Week and prepared with Tanisha for Sneaky Sugars for the upcoming Ebonwood outreach.

Total Daily Hours Earned: 6.67
Total Internship Hours Acquired: 238.81


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