Day 45

Corey and I had much to discuss about my assigned tasks and projects until the end of my internship. We discussed future events, like the Visitor’s Centers, Day of Play preparation, and Back to School promotion. Although I will not be interning for Day of Play, I would be assisting in setting up materials to prepare for it, as it is one of the biggest events that the health department is involved in. The Back to School promotion would be a three-day, twenty-minute promotion for immunization clients. I pitched ideas about healthy snacks and increasing water intake for those days. Kara and Skye would be assisting in the demos for healthy snacks, as we also focus on 5-2-1-0, and the benefits of drinking water versus sugary drinks. I also decided to take on the Healthy Babies module for a presentation, flyer, and brochure for a low literate target audience. And the last would be Summer Safety presentation for community partners. Today, I focused on an action plan and researching ideas for the Back to School promotion.

Total Daily Hours Earned: 6.50
Total Internship Hours Acquired: 252.31


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