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Day 34

Tanisha and I felt like we took a ‘field trip’ this morning. We went to the Visit Pensacola centers on Pensacola Beach and Perdido Key to hand the employers there informational brochures about Summer Safety. We also handed out a few promotional items, such as sunglasses, an inflatable beach ball, and sample sunscreen. With Don’t Fry Day coming up, we decided to promote it as well. We asked if it was possible during the summer to come to their centers to promote the health department’s services, as well as CHEN’s. They agreed to keep in touch and said it was great to have us. It was about a three hour trip from the health department to Perdido Key, and Pensacola Beach and back. Corey and I touched based on my action plan when I got back. We discussed that AHEPA was welcoming us back and this time we were going to do a presentation on summer safety. We agreed that drowning prevention, heat stress, mosquito prevention, and skin cancer were topics we were going to discuss to be summer safe. I started on researching and making a ‘skeleton’ for the topics we would address to them.

Total Daily Hours Earned: 6.50
Total Internship Hours Acquired: 180.28


Day 23

I was able to attend the Sun Safety work group conference call the day before. It was about 50 minutes in length. I was surprised that there were only 7 members who attended the meeting, but we definitely went over important memos. After I approved the minutes, we talked about the resources to promote Don’t Fry Day. And Corey showed everyone the brochure we normally use for Sun Safety at the health department. Some agreed it was a great source of information and we would potentially like to use that. We went over promoting sun screen and possibly lip balm. But sun screen seemed more vital and promising to those we gave out to the previous year.

I marked my attendance with Corey for next week’s event for Earth Day downtown. I was able to work on the rest of the grades for the toolkit – 3rd through 5th. I actually had to edit an entire week for a few weeks because some of it didn’ tie into the major monthly theme as promised. I believe I would for sure get it finished within the next few weeks. I might add more information, like fun facts and interactive links for educational games that are related to lesson plans and 5-2-1-0. Corey asked me to look into a website that CHEN normally orders stuff for for 5-2-1-0, like place mats and activity sheets for restaurants to remind children and parents of healthy eating habits. I haven’t picked any yet, but they do look entertaining.

Total Daily Hours Earned: 4
Total Internship Hours Acquired: 122

Day 10

I figured it would be easier to write a cumulative post about Monday and today’s agendas for just today. Monday I was thrilled to learn how to make a hyperlinked table of contents successfully. It seemed a bit more complicated than I thought it was going to be, but I was able to figure it out and that was accomplished for that day. I would also be finishing up the monthly objectives because right now I am at the third grade section. Some of it seems repetitive, to be honest. But I do understand tying 5-2-1-0 into the elementary grade levels are vital. We also had a meeting in CHEN about updates from our division. Kara, the registered dietician, wanted our feedback about the Facebook page for our viewers and handouts for the parents she assists with their children’s diets. Other topics we covered from everyone else included upcoming events, such as Cyclovia, outreaches, and different ways to engage 5-2-1-0 into elementary schools’ after school programs. I am definitely excited about Cyclovia and hope to be able to get off work to attend that. I am crossing my fingers that Pensacola will not be rainy or have any glitches in weather forecasts that day.

As for today, I attended the Northwest Florida Cancer Collaborative Sun Safety Workgroup Meeting, but this time, it was from home. I did experience a bit of a glitch when I had difficulties with my phone and I missed about ten minutes of the phone call. It was a shorter meeting, about 30 minutes long. Although shorter, we did cover Don’t Fry Day, website resources to update the NWFCCC, and Corey suggested we also try to reach out to various places and doctors if possible to assist in member growth. Everyone seemed engaged and excited about it. I hope it will be a collaborative success.

Total Daily Hours Earned: 5.30
Total Acquired Internship Hours: 58.30

Day 4: A Day in Depth

Initially, I worked on my project for the 5-2-1-0 Program outlines, along with the Germs and Sun Safety components. I was very determined to finish the 5-2-1-0 Program component along with Germs and Sun Safety outlines today. I guess there is such a thing as being too specific when it comes to topics. I learned that being able to generalize my topics and subtopics are vital in the process of creating or editing an existing program. Having ideas I could go along with is extremely helpful, but could also be challenging. I wouldn’t want to complicate my target audiences in getting the point across about the proposed program we’d like to present to them, especially if it is supposed to benefit the health of individuals and the community. Corey and I decided it was better to simplify similar monthly topics for each grade level and advance them into their year levels. This still poses an important challenge in that I have to review my credible sources and the school’s curriculum to better suit what the teachers are teaching or make it into a way that the teachers could adhere our program’s messages into their lesson plans. I will assure that I use my first draft to assist in making a second draft for this program for better flow before I get opinions from my peers in CHEN.

The Sun Safety Workgroup and Northwest Florida Cancer Control Collaborative (NWFCCC) had a conference call/meeting this morning in the middle of my brainstorming 5-2-1-0. I attended the meeting and got a great idea on how it feels to be a part of local groups that collaborate with each other to meet towards a common goal. It isn’t just a specific division within a local community, but it could include various groups locally and nationwide. We initially made the decision to recap our focus of shared message as Don’t Fry Day from the Skin Cancer Prevention on May 26th and we will work on our purpose statement until our next meeting next month. We also went over our plan about HPV message and a documentary called Someone You Love The HPV Epidemic that we’d like to present. Other topics we included in the conference call was our strategic plan regarding the NWFCCC website, our resources we’d like to include, and topic-specific information we’d like to have on the it. One good question that one of the doctors addressed to our attention was, “Who is the target audience?” The general public and health professionals are who we would like to target, so that both audiences could use various resources and information about the cancers we decide to highlight. I like that this could also help to aim to be county specific and possibly use keyword suggestions to ease the flow for whoever would like to use the website. A great idea that everyone seemed to agree on was that the website would highlight a certain cancer and bring awareness to the public. Prevention, treatment, and survivorship are main subjects that received positive and encouraging feedback to include within the website’s content.

Total Daily Hours Earned: 8.5
Total Internship Hours Acquired: 30